Project Approach

Welcome to the next generation of energy management and HVAC maintenance. Our goal is to help you, the building owners and property managers of America, effortlessly navigate the complex world of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
At VAC, we believe in combining advanced technology, deep industry experience, and exceptional customer service to create a seamless and stress-free experience for all of our clients. Every solution is designed with you in mind; whether you’re a seasoned expert in HVAC or just starting to get your feet wet, we’ve got your back.

Modern Energy Management

At VAC, we understand the immense impact that submetering has on cost savings, and this is where we truly shine. Unlike other companies who often overlook this aspect, VAC works hand-in-hand with building managers to design tailored solutions that maximize energy efficiency.
Our team specializes in VRF systems, enabling us to offer unparalleled support and guidance. We take the time to understand your existing setup, discuss your needs, and introduce you to our advanced cool automation technology, an innovative solution that revolutionizes energy management and control.

Remote Monitoring and Control

At VAC, we believe that staying ahead in the HVAC industry means embracing technological advancements and leveraging them to manage your HVAC system with ease and confidence.
That’s why we’ve developed a powerful remote monitoring and control system that grants you unparalleled access to your building’s HVAC systems, even when you’re away from your building.
Our remote monitoring capabilities allow you and your maintenance team to troubleshoot and fix issues without needing to call in specialized HVAC technicians. Granular visibility into your HVAC system’s components makes it easy for on-site maintenance staff to diagnose and address problems, greatly reducing downtime compared to normal repairs. This not only saves you time but also significantly reduces labor costs.
Our cool automation technology doesn’t just offer you greater control over your HVAC system; it also empowers you with historical data that can help you optimize energy consumption and streamline maintenance. And thanks to our tiered pricing system, we can ensure you have the right level of access and features so you never pay for more than you need.

Benefits of VAC's Advanced Tools

In the ever-evolving world of HVAC, VAC stays at the forefront by utilizing advanced tools and technologies designed to enhance your experience, streamline maintenance, and optimize your building’s performance. These are some of the biggest reasons our customers love working with us:

Cost savings

Our focus on energy management, submetering, and remote diagnostics translates to significant cost savings. By using our advanced tools, you can massively reduce costs related to energy consumption and skilled labor.

Improved efficiency

With our cool automation technology and remote monitoring capabilities, you can quickly identify and address common HVAC issues. This ensures your system operates at peak efficiency and minimizes downtime for any maintenance issues.

User-friendly experience

Cutting-edge doesn’t mean complicated. VAC’s tools are designed to be easy-to-use, even for those without extensive HVAC knowledge. We empower your maintenance team to manage and maintain your system more effectively, meaning far fewer calls to specialized technicians.

Deep insight

Unlock unprecedented access to your HVAC system's components and performance data, allowing you to make informed decisions about maintenance, energy management, and system optimization.


VAC's solutions are designed to grow with your needs and expand as your business changes. Our tiered system ensures you have access to the right level of services and features, so you never pay for more than what you’ll use.

Real-Life Success Stories

One client of ours faced an HVAC issue on a weekend when they were about to call a technician for on-site assistance. By using our remote monitoring capabilities, we quickly identified that the issue was a clogged condensate drain. With this information, the on-site maintenance team was able to clear the drain within 30 minutes, avoiding the need for an expensive service call and resolving the problem quickly and efficiently.
We’re really proud of the positive impact our advanced tools and services have had for our customers around the country, and the story above is just one example.
Building managers who adopt VAC’s cool automation technology have reported a significant reduction in service calls, resulting in lower costs and greater self-sufficiency. Remote diagnostic capabilities empower managers to address issues on their own without having to call outside technicians.
Clients who have implemented our energy management tools often saw a one-to-one, half-year payback on their investment, showcasing the short-term ROI you can anticipate with our HVAC upgrade.
Service contract customers with cool automation also benefit from a lower hourly rate for remote diagnosis, saving them even more money on maintenance and repair costs.

Subscription Tiers

Tiered plans allow us cater to a wide range of budgets and requirements. This unique, adaptive approach means that as your needs change, VAC can scale with you to include full energy management, integration with other systems, and much more. In other words

Basic Tier

Essential features such as cool automation and basic remote monitoring are ideal for those looking for a straightforward solution for HVAC management. Provides a cost-effective way to gain insight into your system’s performance and troubleshoot minor issues without the need for advanced functionalities.

Intermediate Tier

Our Intermediate Tier expands on the Basic Tier, providing enhanced remote monitoring capabilities, historical data access, and additional support for energy management. Designed for clients who want to take a more proactive approach to HVAC maintenance and energy management while still maintaining affordability.

Advanced Tier

The Advanced Tier delivers a comprehensive HVAC management solution with full energy management, advanced remote diagnostics, deep visibility into system components, and integration with building management systems (BMS). Best suited for those seeking to maximize their HVAC system’s performance, efficiency, and cost savings.

Custom Tier

For clients with unique requirements or specialized needs, we offer a Custom Tier that can be tailored to your building and preferences. This tier allows you to hand select the features and services that best align with your business objectives, ensuring you maximize value and usability from your VAC subscription.
By offering flexible subscription tiers and transparent pricing, VAC ensures that you have access to the right level of service and support to optimize your building’s HVAC performance and achieve your energy management goals.