HVAC Remote Diagnostics

Monitor your VRF HVAC systems from anywhere in the world and trouble shoot issues instantly.

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This tool is a plug-and-play application that can analyze your VRF HVAC unit and instantly detect which brands are compatible with it. The CloudBox plugs into the system, uploads all of the specifications of the unit to your app through simple internet connectivity, and then sends notifications when something is wrong. You can even add triggers to custom alert yourself or someone else when something isn’t working properly.

VAC Software HVAC Solutions Remote Diagnostics

Remote HVAC Diagnostics

Cutting-edge technology allows you to diagnose and control your HVAC system from anywhere. This new innovation is perfect for saving time while offering remote support.

Continuous HVAC System Monitoring

Technicians, installers and service professionals can now fix problems with appliances or devices without ever having to leave their office.

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Remote Monitoring

Monitor system performance, receive error alerts and analyze the system data in real time by using an easy-to-use graphical interface.

HVAC Remote Diagnostics

Cross - Brand

Connect any compatible VRF HVAC brand to the solution, use a unified user interface to diagnose the  systems across all sites – from anywhere.

HVAC Remote Diagnostics

HOw does it work?

Plug & Play

The HVAC Remote Diagnostics Solution includes a plug-and-play application and an IoT-enabling edge device – the CloudBox, which easily plugs into any VRF HVAC system. This versatile diagnostic tool instantly detects what brands are compatible with your unit while uploading all of the specifications for each unit to your app through simple internet connectivity. You can even add customized triggers to set off alerts when something is wrong!

How does it work?

Alert System

The technician can then register to receive instant notifications of any problems or malfunctions that may occur, and will have full access to troubleshoot the system at any time- day or night.

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